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Not One, But TWO?

So, I recently received a call from a friend and fine player. Would I like to play in the Mixed Pairs in Denver? Of course, I hadn't even realized that there was a Mixed Pairs in Denver....! So, I trot on over to ACBL to look up the schedule. There is indeed a new event, the Fossil Mixed (as Uncle Bob would phrase it). But, if we choose to play in it, we miss not just one other major event.... But two!

The Senior Mixed begins on the last day of the Blue Ribbon Pairs. Thus, if you qualify for Day Two, then you are also unable to enter the Reisinger or Swiss Team.

It seemed bizarre to me that a schedule would be crafted to prevent a pair from entering two of the Fall major events. So, when I inquired of someone, I was told that they thought this might have happened. At first, there was discussion of turning the 3 day Swiss into only a 2 day event. Thus, Mixed Pair competitors could play in the Swiss. When this aspect of change never came to pass, however, the event retained its spot on the schedule for Friday.

I would be virtually certain that no changes will happen now. Plans by some must already be made. Still... wouldn't it have been a simple task to move the Mixed up by one day? Then, our choice could have been to miss the BR Pairs - and still compete in one of the two last team events.

Playing with a fine partner in the Mixed is appealing... The rest of it? Ugh.



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