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Next Copy of BeBridge Is Out!

The new May issue of BeBridge is out and available to subscribers online.  It's a bimonthly magazine and the 6-issue subscription is $54 a year.  You can see the March issue (no 1) free. I won't post the link as I am not sure that meets BW guidelines but you can search for it easily enough.

No 2 in the words of the email that has been sent round "is a blockbuster, with feature length articles on the impact of COVID-19 and the affinity between Chess and Bridge. We take a trip to the island of Madeira, home of one of the great bridge Festivals, and enjoy the latest monastic tale from the master story-teller, David Bird. Alain Levy shows you how to improve your opening leads and Philippe Cronier starts a new series. We discover how some of the world's best chefs are surviving lockdown. Professor Boulier and Inspector Papo are back to entertain you alongside all the regular features."

I am not yet a subscriber and haven't therefore looked at in detail but I am willing to be convinced.  The magazine is closely allied to the French language magazine 'Le Bridgeur' and therefore there is a lot of French and continental European input to the contents.  That's not an issue.  The English language version is edited by Mark Horton (BW passim).

The biggest stumbling block for me is that the magazine seems  to consist solely of articles.  What would really so it for me is a nice wodgy 6-8 pages of news  before we settled down to the technical reading and this seems lacking.  Bridge magazines sadly don't seem to go in for this.  As a general observer of the bridge scene somewhat away from the top table and with limited ability to travel for bridge. I would love my bridge media to include more news.  Who's doing what with whom is just as interesting as how to play a cool ten of spades or why Hand 17 could have ended in a trump squeeze.   Bridge is about the people as well as the cards.

I would love to know if I am alone in thinking this.

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