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New Performance Metric for the ACBL

Mark Aquino (The district 25 Board Representative for the ACBL) recently posted his district director report from the last ACBL Board meeting.  When drafting his minutes he added a throw away line about the change in the ACBL membership numbers over time that got me thinking.

Mark noted that the ACBL membership declined by 1.5K in 2017.  However, when you break the numbers down it becomes apparant that the ACBL actually added 11K new members but lost an additional 12.5K members for a net loss of 1.5K

Here's the rub:  I am guessing that the ACBL is losing

  • The ACBL is losing members with mutliple decades worth of experience
  • The ACBL is gaining 60+ year old novices with little or no experience and not much chance of ever being highly competitive

  Simply put, we're seeing a dramatic erosion in the skill level and competency of the player base and this can not help BUT have a very significant impact of the evolution of the game.  I can't help but think that it would be really useful to have some way of explicit tracking this.   For example, the ACBL SHOULD have information regarding the total number of boards that each player has competing in in ACBL sanactioned games.   It would be interesting to see  


  1. This figure, totalled across all ACBL members over time
  2. The interquartile range for the existing ACBL player base and how this is moving over time
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