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New Losing-Trick Count (NLTC)

I'm writing the Wikipedia page for New Losing-Trick Count (NLTC):

My section begins with: A "New" Losing-Trick Count (NLTC) was introduced in The Bridge World, May 2003, by Johannes Koelman...  and my section ends with:  Note: as supporting hands become increasingly weaker (i.e. the hand's loser count increases), it becomes increasingly easier, and potentially more effective, to count the hand's "cover cards" instead of counting its losers.

It's a work in process and, of course, it's a live document.

For more information about NLTC, refer to Lawrence Diamond's book, Mastering Hand Evaluation.  In addition, Kevin Wilson posted a Bridge Winners article about the "New" LTC which he refers to as "Modified" LTC.

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