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Latest on the Daily ACBL "Support Your Clubs" Games on BBO

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     7:30 PM Game Sat March 21 (tomorrow) as a trial (not daily yet)


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There are now TWO daily "Support Your Clubs" games on BBO;

10 am EDT

5 pm EDT

Each game is 18 boards at seven minutes per board, directed by BBO Directors.

Results of both are now posted on The Common Game and will be for future games as well.

So you can find a partner and sign up as early as two hours before start time at BBO.

Which game should you play in?  Why not both!



How to get started on BBO

More BBO How-to Videos (UK)

More BBO How-to Videos from Chris Hasney

For updates from The Common Game, see

Will there be more daily games?

- ACBL Executive Director Joe Jones says:  "... with a 1pm Eastern game being added next week" which is March 23-29.  No specific start day stated.

- The Common Game says:  "Additional 7:30 Game being considered" presumably also EDT (Eastern Time)

- BBO says: " ... " as they are too busy coping with the huge increase in players they are seeing.  Hope for your favorite start time, but plan on playing when there are games.

Thanks to BBO, ACBL, and The Common Game for working together to make this all happen.  Be patient, and keep washing your hands frequently!

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