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New BW Feature: Forums

For a couple of years we have wanted to add topic-specific forums to our site, to provide a more focused discussion area. Forums are now ready, and we will begin by launching a specific group targeted towards webmasters of bridge websites. We carefully picked this topic for our first forum, because we are sure the target audiencewill be tolerant of glitches in this new feature. :)

Our forums are designed to be versatile. Initially we will create a small number of targeted forums for topics that we think are important to have on the site. Over time we plan to expand the capability by giving our users the ability to create their own forums.The forums can be open to anyone, or restricted to private groups.

We've launched the webmaster forum so that anyone can view the posts, but only group members can post or comment. To join this particular group you will need to apply to the forum administrators, including your website address as proof that you are a webmaster.

Here is a link to the webmaster forum:

Forums we anticipate adding in the future include:


Laws / Appeals / Alert Procedure

Looking for Partners / Teammates

If there is a specific forum you would like to see, please post it in the comments. If you see a suggestion that you are in favor of, please give it a like so we can gauge interest.

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