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Need help - how to determine if part of our bidding system is legal? (for mid chart only)

My partner and I play some methods which we believe to be legal (for mid chart only, not for GCC). We have written defenses for all of them, but are not sure.  We also pre-alert these bids to the opponents.  1M openings are "normal" - 5 card major, 11-20HCP or so.  These are only "on" by an unpassed hand with no interference.

 A few of our local experts are not sure either, and I'd like to try and determine "for sure".  In particular, we play that 1M-1NT is an artificial game force and starts relays (this we are pretty sure is legal under mid-chart).  This frees up 2/1 bids to be non game forces:

 1M-2 replaces the standard "forcing NT", but cannot be a limit raise with 3 trumps (see below).  Says nothing about clubs.

"one unders" (1-2 or 1-2) are limit raises of the bid major, 3+ support. (they say nothing about the actual suit bid, just any limit raise)

1-2 shows hearts, < GF (takes care of some of the Bart-like situations).  Says nothing about Diamonds.

 I can't find anything in the GCC/MidChart that specifically allows or disallows these agreements (the 2/1's), so can anyone assist in helping me determine if we can play these in events that allow mid chart conventions?  Should we be assuming they are disallowed unless specifically listed as allowed, or they are allowed unless specifically disallowed?  If not currently allowed, could we submit them for approval to the ACBL?


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