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National Bridge Organization?

Last Sunday's [url=]Daily Bulletin[/url] has an article about the transnational teams, a WBF event coming up in August. That article contains the interesting statement that "The ACBL is a national bridge organization".

Some years ago, the WBF embarked on a quest to get duplicate bridge recognized as an Olympic sport. The Olympic Charter prohibits a "national sports organization", in our case a national bridge organization, from having both national and international responsibilities. So the ACBL created the United States Bridge Federation (USBF) to meet at least the letter of the Olympic Charter. Why? Because, as the Zonal Authority for Zone 2, the ACBL has international responsibilities. In theory then, the national bridge organizations (NBOs) in North America are the USBF, the Canadian Bridge Federation, and the Federaçion Mexicana de Bridge, and the assertion in the article is wrong.

On the other hand, maybe the article just recognizes the reality that the ACBL doesn't care what the Olympic Charter says.

On the gripping hand, perhaps the article recognizes a different reality: the quest to become an Olympic sport has failed, so it doesn't [i]matter[/i] what the Charter says.

Which is it?

The article is wrong. The ACBL is not an NBO.
The ACBL is both an NBO and a Zonal Authority. Bridge is not and never will be an Olympic sport, so the Olympic Charter is irrelevant to bridge.
The five hundred pound canary that is the ACBL sits wherever it wants.
Answer 1 is correct, but so is answer 3. Somebody let the cat out of the bag.

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