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NABC Contracts

I put the comments below as a comment in another thread but I think the membership and the Board of Governors should be taking a close look at the NABC contracts and what we are getting in return for our business. This issue deserves examination and discussion as a separate issue. Smile


I have done a great deal of negotiating hotel space for bridge sectionals and regionals including Regionals outside of Atlanta. Hotels like other businesses place a certain value on our business. We have a great piece of business. Two weekends where the hotel sells a large number of rooms etc is a good piece of business.

For some time we have relied on in-house staff members to negotiate these million dollar deals as part of their on the job training. Atlanta volunteers will have to do 3 NABCs in 10 years because the ACCBL has trouble making deals. 2013,2018 and 2023.

A big focus of the ACBL has always been to make sure arrangements for the BOD meetings are part of the concessions perks by the hotel. I have not seen an NABC hotel contact in a long time but one of the concessions the ACBL actively seeks is how those 30 plus hotel rooms for the BOD and staff will be handled. You need to understand a big asset of the hotel is their major suites. If we require the hotel to give up their major suites for 15 days it impacts their ability to make deals in another time period and this can be a major concession by the hotel which effects your total package they will give you.

When the ACBL tells the membership that the average cost of their BOD meetings is $ 75,000 (I presume that when this statement was made Hawaii was left out of the average of $ 75,000) they are hiding the true cost because we are probably taking a good portion in our hotel concessions relating to BOD meetings. In the old days, the first inquiry to the hotel was will the BOD members get the "concierge level. I would like to see the calculations of the $ 75,000. I am willing to bet there are hidden costs not included or thought about in arriving at this figure. I am going to ask for these calculations. Do you think I will get them?

In negotiating each hotel contract, the concessions the ACBL is seeking for our business the lowest priority for the ACBL is getting a discount on F&B that the local committee will provide to the players. As a result, a small bag of trail mix or a two bite size pie cost $ 9. In seeking regional contracts, the three highest priorities are room rates, parking and discounted F&B for the players.

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