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Motivation of Bridge Sponsors

Another thread addresses, in part, a proposal to award fewer masterpoints in a KO to team members who play fewer than all the boards than to team members who play all the boards.  Many contributors to that thread have speculated about the impact of the proposal on the tournament attendance of sponsors, and, accordingly, by the professionals hired by sponsors.  Predicting that impact, it strikes me, is related to understanding what motivates bridge players to become sponsors.

What do you think is the primary motivation for bridge players to become sponsors?

Education. To strive to become the best player possible by being taught by professionals.
Employment. To financially support skilled players to allow them to devote time to honing their skills.
Social. To be associated with a group of outstanding bridge players.
Fame. To experience success.
Masterpoints. To maximize the masterpoints awarded.
Other. Please explain.
Abstain. I don’t know, I don’t care, no one reason is the primary reason, etc.

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