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Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?

So a few months back I posted here on BW about the fact that a large number of long-time players at my local duplicate clubs are quite adamant that when an auction goes 1-(1), responder must have five or more cards (rather than four or more) in a major suit in order to bid it over the 1 overcall and, moreover, that a negative double in this case need only promise 4+ cards in one (rather than both) major suit.  (In Fredericksburg, VA, where I live, we have two duplicate clubs with highly overlapping membership; I frequent both clubs and I'd say it is a significant majority of the players who believe this).

Yet, as is evident from the survey accompanying the post I made about this, the consensus among the BW community (which I happen to agree with) seems to be that this is simply not what is standard bidding practice.  (In fairness, a significant minority in the poll, almost 40%, expressed the view that it is "not crazy" to play it as five if by partnership agreement; but only three of the 150+ users who answered my poll said that promising five cards in this situation is the default).

At this point, however, I have given up on even arguing about this with any of the (very nice but, I believe, misinformed) players at my club who are wedded to the idea that five cards is what is standard after this relatively infrequent (but certainly not unheard of) 1-(1) sequence.

I guess it shouldn't really bother me so much but because this disagreement has come up on several occasions now, and because I have even been told that promising just four cards is the "beginner treatment" while five is the "expert treatment" (ugh!), I went and re-read the many helpful and insightful comments that BW users made in response to my thread about this, searching for an explanation about why there seems to be so much pushback against something that seems to be such standard, basic bidding practice (see this article by Larry Cohen, for instance).  In so doing, one comment in particular (coming from Buddy Hanby, who I have seen comment and vote on posts here quite a bit) stuck out at me.

Wrote Hanby: This may be a question of what "standard" means. I think that the overwhelming majority of expert players treat 1M as promising only 4 in this auction. However, in club games near where I live, I've discovered that the opposite is true. Even the "Flight A" players seem to expect 5 cards in the major. Perhaps, this is an anomaly related to the preferences of the local bridge teachers. 

This seems like a plausible explanation.  

More importantly, though, it leads me to my question for BW users: Are there other sorts of bidding-related matters where this is the case?  That is, where many, many club players take one view but expert standard seems to take a different one?

This is more out of curiosity than anything else but was just wondering what some other examples of this might be.

Thanks in advance! 

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