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While we are on the subject of Gold Rush.

Does it bother anyone that other "lesser" events aren't doing well at the Nationals? For example, the average number of tables in 49er games in Memphis was five. There was even a session where people played in a two and a half table section. What an ugly movement that must have been.

The 299er sections fared only slightly better, having somewhere between six and nine table games. The largest field I saw was eleven.   This does not bode well. Will any of the players who competed in these Memphis events be making plans for Vegas?  "I can't wait to spend the time and money to fly out to the next Nationals so I can get to play in an event that's even smaller than the one I play in Tuesday afternoons at my church."  

BW members are always asking, "Where will the next crop of "players" come from?" Will they simply spring out of the blue, or will they need a chance to develop? Maybe they simply progress so fast that nothing will hold them back. Maybe they will go from reading "A Taste of Bridge" to playing for a National title. If you think that, then these lessor events are of no consequence, and maybe you are right. Maybe someone with such innate talent does simply spring from the blue. But maybe they don't. Did you?

And if you think card fees are already high for National events, if we allow these lessor MP events to die, imagine the card fee it will take to support these tournaments if only the top players are left. 

I think I have a proposal that merits consideration, one I've just suggested to management. 

Why do you make the trip to Nationals? Is it to play in Regionally rated events or in something special? Maybe the chance for a National title? Maybe to test yourself against the best? I'm sure it is the same at every level.  Imagine that you went to Memphis and found that there were mostly single session events this time around.  And if there were  two session events, they only carried a Regional rating. Don't you think developing players also need to have the chance to get excited about entering something special? Something that gets their juices flowing? Something like a multi session NATIONAL event?

That's my proposal. That if there is a category of player (novice, 49er, 299er) at the tournament, there needs to be corresponding, multi-session, Nationally rated Championship events available for that level player.  At the very least there should be at least one match-point event and one team event.  

And when they do well, they are to be celebrated and their pictures should appear in the bulletin alongside Grue's.

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