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Fast forward two years from the last Sports Illustrated article to 1972. The Dallas Aces have won two Bermuda Bowls while the Blue Team has been in retirement. A challenge is issued for a head-to-head money IMP match between the two as the kick-off for a big money knockout tournament in Las Vegas.

Life Magazine covered the event in the article linked below, which I found on Google Books. (Apparently you can read all of Life's content there. SI did an article as well, but I found this one a bit more entertaining.)'s%20best%20bridge%20team&pg=PA53#v=onepage&q&f=false

It is remarkable from my vantage point today (I wasn't around for any of this) that sources like Life, SI and even Time (who put Goren on the cover once in the late '50s and did a feature article on him) would cover bridge like this, and not even a national or world championship event in this case.

One item that caused me to chuckle was in the discussion of the Aces' training discipline on page 56: "On the road, players would be in bed by 2 a.m. (matches often last well past midnight) with 'only one outside guest allowed per player’s room,' a cryptic law at best."

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