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Modern Precision 2 Followup question

Playing 2 system as outlined in Daniel Neill's book, so how would you treat the following with silent opponents:

2 - 3 (transfer to with invitational+).

The book says opener should accept the transfer with a minimum even with a singleton (no idea what to do with a void, but I am OK to not worry about that).

Question 1. Suppose opener has more than minimum, should 3M be natural or stopper showing?

Question 2. Opener bids 3, showing minimum, may be singleton. Should 3M by responder be natural (4+) or stopper for 3NT?

Independent of these questions, how do the partnership find a 4-4 M fit if one has 6 and 4M, and the other has 6 and the same 4M?


Please select up to 2 choices.

Question 1. Natural 4+
Question 1. Stopper.
Question 2. Natural
Question 2. Stopper

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