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(Minor?) ethical conundrum

I rarely have trouble sorting out ethical considerations in my own mind, particularly as they relate to bridge, but I am uncertain enough about this situation to post this thread/poll:

Suppose you're playing with a live partner on an Internet website against bots. Suppose no masterpoints/glory/$ are at stake. Suppose your score IS compared with scores at other tables. Are you ethically permitted to discuss system and carding agreements with partner in real time or should you treat the situation as seriously as if you were seated against a live pair?

If there's a solution to this predicament, please share (preferably one that keeps comparisons but doesn't hold the players to the highest ethical standard.)

Of course you can talk to partner, that's what practicing on the Internet is for.
Of course you can't talk to partner, as long as your scores are compared to others you must obey ALL the laws of bridge.
You're overlooking a simple solution to your predicament that would let you have your cake and eat it too.
What a silly question. Who would even worry about such a thing?

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