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Since reading about mini-splinters by Mike Lawrence("no-such thing as a jump reverse") several years ago, I have used this bid successfully. However, in the last two weeks a very good partner of mine(11,000 MPS) has forgotten the bid three times, with the bidding ending at the six level down one. The bidding sequences were 1C-1H/1S-3D-a direct jump to 6D or 4N, etc. She says she doesn't play it with any of her other partners so she can't remember it. What are the pros and cons of using the mini-splinter? I use it to show a hand with around 15-16 playing points and a singleton. It is more precise than a jump to the 3 level in partner's major that would show a good 15 to a bad 18 and no singleton. Should I give up the bid with this partner?

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