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Mini-Blue vs. 0-2500 Young Pairs vs. Daily Pairs Difficulty

For anyone still undecided or simply curious about the strength of the Mini-Blue Ribbon field at NABC, we looked through last year's Fall 2018 NABC in Honolulu.  The simplest proxy for field strength was the Bridge Power Ratings, because the data is widely available and relatively easy to comprehend.

Short story, Day 1 of the Mini-Blue Ribbon is comparable to the regionally-rated daily Open Pairs games, but Day 2 and 3 are noticaebly more difficult.  The actual NABC+ Blue Ribbon, as expected, is significantly more difficult.  Probably most surprising, the 0-2500 Pairs during Summer 2019 Las Vegas has a very similar field strength to Mini-Blue, despite Summer NABC having the concurrent 0-6000 event.

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