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RIP Mike Cappelletti Sr

Mike Cappelletti Sr. died at the age of 71. Mike was part of a large group of young Washington area experts in the early 1970s. Among them were, in no particular order, Ed Manfield, StevesLapides, Parker and Robinson, Joe Kivel, Bobby Lipsitz, Roger Pies (?), Peggy Parker, Kit Woolsey, Mickey Kivel, Mike's wife Kathy, Walt Walvick,and probably several whom I have overlooked or forgotten in the mists of time.

Mike was prominent in local bridge politics which were still in the throes of the breakup between the desegregated Washington Bridge League and the clinging-to-the-past Northern Virginia Bridge Association.

Mike's bridge, from my perspective, was characterized by pragmatic results orientation - but with a lot of emphasis on deception. He often would come back after a KO or Swiss set glowing because he had gotten an extra undertrick or overtrick but ignoring the 800 number or vul game missed.

He was a key participant in two of my memories. Soon after Kitty and I married we went to Washington for a regional and were drafted to participate in an after-session Newly Wed Game. The one question I remember was that the wives were asked whether their husbands would rather have a date with Cheryl Tiegs (the glamor model of the time) or play in the finals of the Spingold. Every wife got it right - and Mike's wife was the only one who selected a date with Cheryl!

The other was in the late 1970s. Chuck Lamprey and I played the Reisinger with Mike and Kathy. We had a mediocre game in the second semifinal and set out for the Denver airport to catch the redeye back to NYC. When we arrived at the ticket counter we had a message: "All is forgiven. Come back."

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