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Migrating to 1NT semi forcing

Currently i play 1NT forcing for one round, meaning opener always has to respond to partner's 1NT, either biding a new natural 4+ card suit or the semi artificial 2 of a minor with 3 cards, losing what sometimes is the best contract – 1NT.

In order to play the semi forcing way, i risk passing to 1NT when responder has a 3 card fit with an invitational hand and potentially losing a game.

As i play a modified Jacoby 2NT and several splinters, a have no available bid at the 3 level for responder showing a 3 card support with invitational values.

My 1M opening is 10-15 H with 5+ cards. Is the solution to this problem just risking losing a game (when opener has a maximum or close and responder an invitational hand)?

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