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Michaels over 1 showing < 3 clubs

With a couple of my partners, we are now experimenting playing (1) - 2 as natural over 1 opening that promises less than 3, but not necessarily artificial. We are already doing this for (1) - 2, where in conjunction, we play 2 as weak Michaels and 3 as strong Michaels.

Now for , should we also use 2/3 for Michaels, or 2/3, or just use 2 as Michaels? 2 is obviously the most versatile, and you only lose one natural bid. However, a weak jump 2 is a very difficult bid for responsder to handle, for the same reason as a 2 overcall over 1, except much more so. I am particualry interested in input from people who have direct experience with (1) - 2 natural. Thanks.

Bid 2 for Michaels
Bid 2/3 as weak/strong Michaels
Bid 2/3 as weak/strong Michaels

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