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Memphis Report from BOD Member, District 17

This is the essence of Mike Kovacichi's report published in the DISTRICT 7 Newsletter.  I'm unaware of others at this date.

"By Mike Kovacichl

I attended my first Board meeting in Memphis prior to the Spring Nationals.I went to Horn Lake for orientation for two days beforehand. As a cost-saving matter, and because we had a lighter agenda, the meeting was only scheduled to last for two days with a possible special session on Friday morning (the first day of the tournament). Because we got through our business we were able to avoid the Friday morning session, but we were busy for two days.

One of the motions that was passed, which came from the Board of Governors, was a proposal to permanently expel players convicted of collusive cheating without the possibility of their being readmitted.This was amended to say “premeditated collusive cheating at NABC+ events” and passed.

We also discussed a number of other issues for the future, the most substantial of which is a plan to restructure the governance of the ACBL.This plan was developed by a committee headed by Board member Margot Hennings, who is chairman of the Governance committee. Kevin Wilson and Barbara Heller from our District served on the committee. The plan would take four to five years to implement. Part of the reason for this is New York law (under which the ACBL is incorporated) does not allow any elected person’s term to be shortened, so all people that are elected for three-year terms would have to serve out that term before any changes could even be started.The concept is to set up a nine-member (much smaller than the current 25) Board of Directors that would be charged with general overall guidance of the League, including finances, strategic planning, and spending most of the money.

The current Board of Governors would be replaced by a Senate composed of two members from each of the current Districts and it would be charged with the overall insight of all bridge-related matters. It would set up committees that would decide things that are bridge-related with the possibility of their reports being overwritten in certain cases, but for the most part each of those committees would operate autonomously and develop various different programs.This is a long-term project (estimated four to six years) and I don’t know if it will generate sufficient support to gain any traction. As we have talked about be-fore, most people feel that the current Board is too large, but nobody has been able to come up with a way to fix things.We are going to devote a half-day of the meeting in Las Vegas this summer to discussing this among the full Board, and there is going to be a large number of surveys and various types of information-gathering conducted beforehand.

The Board has also established a new MasterPoint Committee, which includes eight people, only two whom are Board members. It is starting work at this time and will deal in the future with all Masterpoint issues."




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