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In his book Duplicate Bridge Schedules, History and Mathematics (available both as hard copy, and in digital format through Master Point Press), Ian McKinnon mentions a new and quite interesting duplicate format: each pair has another pair as their team mates; and each pair contests both as a pair as in usual Pairs tournament, and as a team.

In chapter 10, Mr. McKinnon gives a very detailed information about the history of this format (as I understand it, it goes somewhat back to whist), how it may be scored (there are various possibilities), as well as information on the movements with respect to team numbers.

Despite all the info, I think most people would find running such a format impossible without the aid of some dedicated software. My questions are: (1) Has anybody tried this format at their club? (2) Is there a software that would manage the whole format? (Movement, scoring; if necessary, movement printouts, etc.) (3) Would it be possible to enter the scores via Bridgemate?

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