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Littles puzzles related to forcing pass.

You are south and east your RHO just bid 4H and you have to decide if you bid 4S,X or pass.


Any plus score is worth 1 pts, and any minus score is worth -1.    The size of the plus or minus score is irrelevant your goal is just to get a plus score.

Both 4H and 4S have exactly 50% odds to make before looking at your cards. Your opps will never bid over 4S so the only possible contracts are 4H.4Hx and 4S.

You have the forced agreement that X by you is showing a desire to defend. X by your partner can be anything.

Of course the card you get are not totally random they are part of a ensemble that give 4H making 50% and 4S making 50%.

Your partner is a genius and will understand your strategy perfectly and you will play millions of hands.


Poll question how often should you X 4H ?


Bonus question what if a doubled contract (4Hx is the only one possible) is worth +2 or -2 ?


less than 25%
between 25% and 33%
33% +

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