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Life master pairs - bummed that I can't play

I have only recently begun playing bridge but I very much enjoy playing up. Not only do I learn more but I enjoy it more; also I take much more pride  in making the second day of an NABC+ event by a hair than winning a limited event in a rout. 

Unfortunately my options for matchpoint pairs events are limited:

  - I have not done well enough in the national events I have entered to qualify for the platinum pairs; that seems fair and I will keep working to try to earn my way in

  - Two of the (2 day) pairs events are truly open so those are available to me

  - I have 2 Blue Ribbon Qs (used one) and hope to earn more so I can continue to play there 

  - Unfortunately the two LM pairs events are 1-2 years away (about 150 masterpoints in my first year and a half of playing bridge, need 500 as a new member)

The net result is that I can play in 1 three day event and 2 two day pairs events per year. 

So, two questions 

1. Do people think the life master restriction adds anything meaningful to the event? Although I haven't played there it seems that the qualifiction for the Platinum pairs really limits the field and strengthens the event. I think the Blue Ribbons are also strengthened a little bit by the qual but not as much as the Platinum pairs. Are the life master pairs events appreciably stronger than the open pairs events because of the LM restriction? 

2. Given that restriction, there is an exception that can be granted for people with "similar status" in other "bridge organizations". Pretty sure I will make LM well before earning any WBF titles and don't know of any other organizations for US bridge players. Any creative ideas? 

Along similar lines there is a perverse incentive to play down so that I can play up in Blue Ribbons. By far the easiest way to qual is in a low bracket knockout. You can qual finishing 2nd in a compact knockout playing against opposition that would all be C strat in the club game. Top bracket is entirely different and 3rd (my best so far) out of 100+ in a regional pairs doesn't qual. I have one qual left and hope to keep earning them without going back to low bracket knockouts but it's much harder!

Yes, I can and do play up in team events and the IMP pairs and may enter next year's trials but it is frustrating to be unable to play in two of the events because I lack enough attendance points. 

Thanks for listening to me vent. I guess the problem will solve itself over the next couple years.

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