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Let's talk about Namyats

I wanted to do this as a poll, but it got too unwieldy.

After a Namyats opening, showing about 8 tricks in hand, what is the best approach by Responder, mainly, to slam investigation?

First, I think that starting with the in-between bid can be split range -- either a mild try or the start of a grand slam investigation, willing to commit unilaterally to 6 and looking for that 1 perfect card for 7. What should be opener's rebid structure beyond just 4 MAJ = not interested if the first?

4NT (or 4 KB) as KC asking seems fairly straight forward. As does Q bidding beyond the identified MAJ.

What about if OPPs x the Namyats bid? We play generally that xx shows first round control (and, one presumes, some slam interest beyond, but maybe not necessarily, depending on just how wide-ranging the Namyats call can be). 

Such resources as I can find online (BridgeGuys, etc.) seem to be not necessarily as good as the input that would come from BW community, even with the strongest members tied up in San Diego.

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