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Say you're on lead against a suit contract and the suit you choose to lead is T94 (from an unbid suit). You lead the ten (do you?), dummy has three cards in the suit (Qxx if you really want to know), partner discourages, and declarer wins with the K. A second round of the suit is played (by partner or declarer) and declarer's card is the A.

Q (1) Which card to you play?

Now, a similar situation. You lead the T but this time, you're leading partner's suit. Dummy's three cards are all small and partner encourages. Declarer wins the K. Partner gets in and lays down the A, declarer following with the Q.

Q (2) Which card to you play?

Edit: I should have said "standard honor leads." As to our methods, let's say that we play (for continuations), standard present count. I've also added a seventh option because I see a high proportion of abstentions.

9 in each situation
4 in each situation
9 in (1) only
9 in (2) only
It makes no difference what I do.
I would never lead this suit and, even if I did, it wouldn't be the ten.
I don't play bridge or some other reason that none of the first six possible answers are appropriate.

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