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Las Vegas NABC accomodations & activities recommendations, no cars (unless renting is cheap) but we are young enough to walk.

All under 50 and in good shapes we don't mind walking a little bit but as canadians I guess we have below average heat resistance. A fair amount of bridge and outside of playing bridge we plan to do a lot of things even if mean that our bridge results will suffer :)

So I don't think we will be in our hotel to relax that much. We have a reservation for the Cosmo at the Acbl rates we have a couple of days to confirm or to cancel.

AFAIK for 3 of us it will be our first time in vegas. Im also looking for the softest 2/5 or 5/10 NLH or a 20-40 FLH games.

Sorry if there was already a discussion about LV hotels.

Thanks in advance.

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