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Kranyak, Wolpert, Dwyer, and Bathurst win 2013 USBC
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Congratulations to the KRANYAK team (pictured left to right: Gavin Wolpert, John KranyakKevin Bathurst, and Kevin Dwyer), the winners of the 2013 US Bridge Championships (USBC) in Orlando, Florida! In a well-played 120 board final they soundly defeated the FLEISHER team (Marty FleisherMichael Kamil, Zia Mahmood, Michael Rosenberg, Chip Martel, and Chris Willenken) 270 to 202.

The first two 15-board segments (out of eight) were quite close as KRANYAK led by 11 after 30 boards. Then KRANYAK stormed ahead, picking up 32 in the third, and another 40 in the fourth segment. They never looked back after that, adding slightly to their lead in the 5th and 6th segments. With 30 boards to go KRANYAK was up by 97. FLEISHER picked up 32 in the 7th, but KRANYAK finished strong and never let the match get close.

This youthful foursome played well all week and steam-rolled each of their world-class opponents. First, they defeated BLANCHARD by 76 IMPs in the Round of 16, then they beat DIAMOND by 60 in the quarter-finals, and in the semi-final they beat the NICKELL team, whom many regarded as the pre-tournament favorites, by 45 IMPs.

This is Kevin Bathurst's second time winning the USBC as he won in 2011, but the first USBC championship for each of the other 3 players. The fact that they played only four handed makes their victory even more impressive, as this is the first time in many years that a 4 person team has won the USBC. KRANYAK will have the right to add a third pair to the team before heading to the Bermuda Bowl in Bali, Indonesia.

As the runner-ups, FLEISHER will face the winner of the NICKELL vs. DIAMOND  match in a 90 board playoff for the right to become USA 2. 

Turn the page for some more photos of the KRANYAK team in action.

Gavin Wolpert deep in thought

John Kranyak

John Kranyak posing for the camera

Kevin Bathurst

Kevin Bathurst 

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

Thank you to Peg Kaplan for the Photos.

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