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Kibitz the Spring KO Friday 3/20: Reynolds vs. Kant & Grünke vs. Hung

Today two teams play their first round matches in the Spring Reynolds Online KO

Kibitz Team Reynolds vs. Team Kant

7:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7)  


  • Tom Reynolds
  • Lance Kerr
  • Bill Hall
  • John Jones 2014 0-10K Fast Pairs Winner, 2003 Bruce 0-5000 LM Pairs Winner
  • Randy Howard
  • Joe Viola 2008 GNT Flight B Winner
  • Claude Vogel 1979 GNT Championship Flight Winner
  • George Jacobs 11 NABCs, recently, 2009 Vanderbilt KO Teams, 2006 Mitchell BAM



  • Noa Kant
  • Reinder vd Weide
  • Tobias Westerveld 2019 European Youth Teams Winner, 2018 Youth Pairs
  • Xavier Friesen 2019 European Youth Teams Winner
  • Wisse Huvers
  • Sven Overvelde
  • Dieter Goudzwaard

 All team members are students.

Kibitz Team Grünke vs. Team Hung, First 32 Boards

11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7)


  • Paul Grünke Member of the German Mixed Team
  • Marie Eggeling 2014 European Youth Girls Pairs Winner, German Mixed Team
  • Thomas Gotard Previous Captain German Open Team
  • Florian Alter 2018 European Youth Pairs Winner
  • Peter Jokisch Previous Member German Open Team
  • Udo Kasimir Previous Member German Open Team

 All team members have won at least one German championship.


  • No Roster Posted Yet




Captains, please private message me if you have any interesting information about your players you'd like to add.

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