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Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors

Over partner’s 1NT (say 15-17)it is common practice to use Stayman with short clubs and very weak hands, like 4351/3451, 4450, and 3460/4360 and the classic but riskier 4441.  I've seen it with weak 3361 (and I favor it). This is NOT Junk Stayman as you are prepared to Pass 2D.

Junk Stayman (hereinafter simply JS) is Pass or correct after 1NT-2C-2D-2H.  (we’ll leave 5S4H weak off the table for now).  This tool seems obvious with weak 5-5 and weak 4-5, but the issue of its efficacy is open for 4S4H hands.

 IMO there seems to be 4 categories of hand types, i.e.:

1) Unbalanced very weak- like 4414 with 0-4 hcp (or so)

2) Unbalanced where making 1NT is a reasonable risk, like 4414 and 5-7 (or bad 8).  Some might raise 2M With top of range.

3) Balanced very weak- 4423/4432 and say 0-4 hcp or so.

4) Balanced upper end-4432/4423 and 5-7 (bad 8 for some)

Clearly the risk of going for 4-4 fit (and missing it) must be offset by the superiority of the 4-4 fit over 1NT.  Seemingly greater at lower end of range where 1NT is an unlikely make, and less when in upper end of range where plus in 1NT is likely.

Please vote below as follows:





Never JS
JS on 1) only
JS on 1)-2) only
JS on 1) and 3) only
JS on 1)-3) only
JS on all 4
Other-please elaborate

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