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Italian team

Yesterday some friends of mine called me to alert that in BW someone edit a post about the italian team Who played in Opatia EuropanChampionship 2014 .The sound of the article wasnt nice " Italian leads" and two italian pairs were accused to improper behaviour /misconduct in Opatia.Im speaking for all the players of this team Leonardo Cima,Valerio Giubilo,Lorenzo Lauria ,Antonio Sementaand our player capitano Francesco Angelini.Im speaking for all our supporters ( you can believe they are still a lot even if we arrived there only in 14th position)Im speaking for all italian junior players ..dont worry you can continue to follow us, supporti ng us,you can continue to try to understand Why Lorenzo played that card ,Why Antonio maked that lead,,you dont have to start to see where is oriented the opening lead,if it was close to declarer or close to the dummy,,no you dont deserve to be involved in this Disgusting part of the game.Its Time to stop and come back to our wonderful game.I won my first tournament at 9 years old and Im ready ,after 37 years of honorated appreciated bridge,to explain every single card every single lead every single defense to mister N.H. ..he is probably a victim of this bad period but he might learn al of of things in bridge pls contact me Im here ready to help you.I also Thank Steve Weinstein Who as soon as he knew about this post he immediately deleted that.PEACE and.BRIDGE

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