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it happened one night

This happened one night:Our club has a Thursday evening split game,open and 0-1750. On one such night not very long ago, there were not enough tables for the open game so the games were combined.One of the open pairs consisted of 2 very accomplished players in national and international play. Both are regulars at the club. As reported to me by someone who was at the next table when it occurred, this pair had the auction 1d-1s-1n-2d(against one of the limited game pairs)...this is a regular partnership and they play XYZ. 2d was alerted by opener and opponent asked what it was. Responder stated "forcing". Opener then bid 2h, and opp asked what that was, and the response was "she meant game forcing when you asked about the 2D bid, so 2h is natural and game forcing." (these likely were not the exact words but close enough).The opposing pair, of course slightly intimidated by the pair they were playing against, didnt call the director. The person who told me,though, was incensed that a world class pair, basically playing in a limited game, would display such a lack of ethics.I agreed that it was definitely bad behavior, but wasn't sure what should be done.Curious what the thoughts are about this.These things obviously happen in international competition and in limited master point games at the club, and probably everywhere in between.

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