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It bothers me that I can't get this stuff straight--

Misbid/Misinformation stuff, that is. In the August 2019 SoCal Bridge News, in the midst of a discussion of these kinds of problems, there appears this example intended to illustrate the (usually) attendant UI problems:

Example 1: an opening bid of 2♦ is made and alerted. When an explanation is requested, the bid is explained as 11-15 high card points with a 5 card ♥ suit and a 4 card ♠ suit. This is a correct explanation of the partnership agreement, but the opening bidder actually had a 6 card ♦ suit with less than 11 points. If the response to the opening bid is 2NT the opener has no choice other than to make a re-bid to describe their hand as if they had made the bid of 2♦ which was consistent with their agreement. Should any other rebid be made by Opener (including a Pass of the 2NT initial response), the Director will allocate an adjusted score.

What are the parameters of the "can't wake up partner" aspect of these situations? In what situations is the misbidder supposed to bid on according to his/her ATT understanding of the partnership agreement before the wake up? Does it depend upon a distinction between "awakened to the correct partnership agreement" (bid according to our correct agreement) and "awakened to the fact that we are playing different 2 openers and apparently don't have an agreement" (bid according to my understanding of an agreement we apparently don't have)?

(What is one to do while trying to figure out what Flannery rebid matches a 2=3=6=2 weak 2 opener? [Do we play Ogust here?])

(The "behind screens" solution makes sense, but leaves everything to be sorted out at least at the conclusion of the auction, probably where it belongs. The sorting out, that is.)

(Perhaps this example is ill-chosen, but I'd bet dollars to gluten-free donuts that you'd be hard pressed to find a layout with damage to the non-offenders when offenders end up in 4M in their 20 HCP, 3-2 major fit.)

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