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Is This Ruling Correct?

On this particular deal, I don't believe there was any damage to my side, but I didn't know that when I called the director. 

And, afterwards, I wondered about the director's ruling. 

Our opponents were playing their first session together, ever. South, who is not a good friend, but who is more than an acquaintance, opened a strong NT. North bid 2S, announced by South to be a conditional transfer to clubs. And without being asked, South, who was actually trying to be helpful, added that 2NT would have been a transfer to diamonds.

At this point, North, who was playing South's system, said, "Oh. Wait. Mechanical error. I intended to bid 2NT, transferring to diamonds. I never intended to pull out that 2S card."

Since there was a possibility that the explanation of North's bid had awakened a sleeping North, and since additional unauthorized information had also been passed, I called the director. The director asked North if he always intended to bid 2NT, and North said that he had, indeed, always intended to bid 2NT, xfering to diamonds. 

The director allowed him to change his call to 2NT, and the opponents ended in 5D, making with an overtrick after my bad lead.

Turns out North was 6-5 in diamonds and clubs, and it appeared to me that he was bidding MSS. However, I later asked the director how he had decided on the ruling, and he said that his only option was to believe North.

South later said she had served on national committees for eight years, and, therefore, knew the rules. And she said this rule was absolutely right. 

Was it?


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