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Is this offensive?

8-board match Div.1. championship round 20/31.

Facing strong opponent, whereas we were having a pretty wretched tournament so far. We had a good match and we were about 15-30 IMPs up before the final board. After plenty of destuctive bidding, opps eventually land in 6H, cold for 13 tricks. Opp opens the bridgemate, we find lots of 1010s, just one 1510 and 3 game scores. "3-1 to them" I tell partner, with opponents still present. I receive a barrage of hurtful personal insults from both opponents, who claim I grossly offended them by rubbing in that I lost imps on a board I should have been gaining. They claim that me having not commented the bridgemate score for the previous 7 deals, commenting this result was just meant to "kick" them. I reiterate that nothing else was said than the observed result: "3-1 to them" no other words, no special intonation, not even a sigh of total dejection, nothing. Just told partner the contents of the bridgemate in 3 words.

(its actually not true that I never relayed bridgemate information to partner during the match, I definitely did on a previous board. After a high preempt opps landed in 6D-2, I told pard that so far all 5 scores were 200, some our way, some their. I felt it was sporting to let opp know there was no game score their way so far.)

I was totally and utterly stunned and saddened by the offensive reaction, so I have to ask: was I really offensive???


If you open your mouth in such a situation in any way, you are offensive by default
They totally overreacted

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