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Is this bid a psych, and if it is, is it a legal psych?

Playing in the top bracket of the teams at the Tarrytown D3 regional yesterday.  Partner and I are playing Ken Rexford's canape system.

Third seat, white on red, I pick up the following:





Two passes to me, and I decide to open 1D.  Systemically, this shows one of three hands:

(1) 10+ to 15 HCP, 6+ clubs

(2) 10+ to 15 HCP, 6+ diamonds

(3) 10+ to 15 HCP, 4+ diamonds and a 5+ major.

LHO doubles.  Partner bids 1S, pass, pass by me...and LHO passes.  Down 1.  When my hand hits table, they call the director.

Director says he'll take it under advisement, but doesn't know what redress he can offer them.

After we're done scoring the match, he comes back and tells me this is an illegal psychic, because the 1D opener is an artificial bid--there is a meaning where it can have 0 diamonds (the first possibility above).

I disagreed with the ruling, but winning the match by 3 instead of losing by 2 was making no difference in either teams standing in the event, and so I didn't appeal.

The question is, do you feel this a psych, and secondly, if it is a psych,do you feel it is an illegal one UNDER ACBL RULES (which may differ from your opinion as to what should be :))


This is not a psych, but it would be legal to psych the 1D bid.
This is a psych, and it is a legal one.
This is a psych, and it is an illegal one.
This is not a psych, but it would be illegal to psych the 1D bid.

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