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Is there a city more active in bridge, right now, from Athens, Greece?

Yesterday, in Athens, Greece, on a regular day, there were 159 playing tables, in 17 different clubs.

Moreover, most of these clubs are holding games almost every weekday. It's not that they organize one tournament just on Mondays.

There were also a few clubs that hadn't a game yesterday.

As a member of the bridge federation board and the team that runs an ambitious bridge propagation campaign for the last 6 years, I feel very proud of the results and I am posting it, not only for gloating purposes  (Cool) but also as positive news about the future.

Maybe yesterday was a lucky peak, but really there was not anything unusual, like holding a big championship, world simultaneous games etc. etc.

I really wonder if there are other cities in the world, having to show similar everyday activity numbers.

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