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Is it time for 1 & 7 PM NABC start times (the critical 30 minutes earlier start)

There has been much discussion as to the "best" starting times for various events at ACBL NABC's. Personal reference, where you live and a myriad of other factors make it clear that there is no "perfect" time for everyone's body clock and dining habits. ACBL  NABC's cater to large numbers of people in multiple events. It does not appear that any dramatic changes to the current 9 AM, 10 & 3, 1 & 7:30 start times  are likely in the near future. What I am suggesting is a modest 30 minute change that I believe will benefit the overwhelming majority of players.

Historically, NABC start times were 1 & 8 PM (gala cocktail parties, large dinners, late nights?). Decades ago the evening session start time changed to 7:30 PM. That still leaves 6.5 hours between sessions. No other North American tournament provides such a long break between sessions. If anything the trend is going in the other direction.

I believe moving the evening start time 30 minutes earlier to 7 PM would provide multiple benefits. There would still be 6 hours between sessions. KO players finish between 4:00 and 4:30 and would have 2.5 to 3 hours until the 7 PM start. Pairs & Swiss games finish between 4:30 and 5 PM and would allow 2 to 2.5 hours before the evening start.

Haven't we all seen bridge players sleeping and lounging in various positions in hotel lobbies during the break? They have nowhere to go! For local players who commute (or players staying too far off site), there is not enough time to return home and far too much time between sessions. The earlier start and finish might allow some players the opportunity to catch the last train or subway home. It may increase participation in some cities (such as Atlanta, Summer 2018 NABC).

Starting at 7 PM means everyone finishes 30 minutes earlier. Less late round fatigue, more time to enjoy the post game evening hospitality and some socializing before going to bed. The Zip Swiss (used to be midnight, currently 11:30 PM) would start around 11 PM which might increase attendance and would end earlier. 

My poll question is: Do you agree that 1 & 7 start times at ACBL NABCs is preferable to the current 1 & 7:30 start times?

YES, I prefer 1 & 7 rather than 1 & 7:30
YES, I prefer 1 & 7 rather than 1 & 7:30 but would really prefer earlier start times
NO, I prefer the current 1 & 7:30 rather than 1 & 7
No preference. It makes no difference to me
Abstain (why?)

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