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Is ACBL Aiming for Ridicule?

ACBL will run online robot individual tourney composed of three session of 24 boards each on March 5-7. The winner gets a national title. Here are the conditions for playing a single session:

"A registered player may begin their daily session at any time during the calendar day, but must complete their 24 boards within six (6) hours of their session start time (or prior to 23:59:59 Eastern Time, whichever comes first.)"

Don't you think that 12.5 minutes per hand makes this event funny? Given that in a relatively large proportion of hands a player claims, this conditions of contest make consulting other players way too easy thus yielding 'national tile' rather meaningless. A part of any bridge competition is squeezing necessary mental work within reasonable yet at many occasions tight time limits. Why for online tourney this competition requirement is so loose so as not only make time limit unbinding at all but also to leave wide open doors to unscrupulous behavior?

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