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Irony to the Fullest

Had this not occurred in an actual tournament, you might think I was making it up.  But, rest assured, in a pair game, no one vulnerable, at a sectional in Wisconsin, it is on record.  No actual hands are needed to appreciate the irony of the final result.  Here was the auction, in order, N-E-S-W.  2H - P - 6H - 6S - 7H - X - P - P - XX - P - P - 7S - X - all pass.  Should you choose to criticize any of the bids, you would be justified.  With proper play and defense...not difficult to do from either side...W should go for 800 in 7SX and 7H is ice chilly cold.  I couldn't help but smile upon seeing the scoring on this board at the end of the session.  The top N/S score was +1010.  All the other N/S scores but one were +510.  Upon being awarded a ruff and a sluff by the opponents, we were -500 in 7SX.  After N/S reached the small slam, had the auction been passed out, they would have received a tie with one other pair for the top result.  After they got to the grand, they were due a top without the tie.  After they were doubled in the grand, they were still due a top.  After they redoubled and we escaped to 7S, they were STILL due a next to top.  After they misdefended, they got a cold bottom.  The irony?  The ONLY pair to reach the cold grand got a zero for their efforts!



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