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Inviting over 1NT

Playing Std. Amer. 15-17 NT it has been pretty well established statistically and by modelling that it pays to pass (in tempo of course) with a nondescript flat 8 count, for example Axx Jxx Jxxx Qxx.  Sure partner might have a perfectly fitting 17 count and you could miss a game, but game is doubtful with 16 and very doubtful with 15.  You certainly don't want to be stranded in 2NT after inviting and go down 1.  Also, at matchpoints you might score well for +120 or +150, so actually risking the game may not be worth it.  For those who question this I would refer you to excellent websites by Gordon Bowers, Peter Cheung (, Thomas Andrews 'Fantasia' ( and of course Richard Pavlicek.

Now let's add a couple of well placed tens (under jacks) and make the hand A85 J104 J1087 Q86 (from Thursday's Common Game).

Please select from the following options as to your actions at different forms of scoring (matchpoints, white IMPs, red IMPs) after partner has opened 1NT (15-17).


Pass at all forms of scoring
Invite only Red at IMPs
Pass at Matchpoints, Invite at Black or Red IMPs
Invite at all forms of scoring
Invite at Matchpoints and Black IMPs, bid game at Red IMPs
Other (please elucidate)

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