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Infraction no penalty

Bridge is the only game I know where players can flagrantly break the laws and suffer no penalty even when the director, the arbiter is aware of the infraction.One (of many) incidents that happened in a National pairs event on the weekend we had the bidding go:1 X 1 ...The regulations in force state:"There are four different types of self-alerting calls, namely:• doubles ...""These calls carry their own alert and should not be alerted."

Nevertheless the opponent alerted the double. 

An explanation was asked for the double and we were told a single suited hand. 

Next the doubler exclaimed to the table "Really?" and the partner was woken up to the misexplanation.

The directors then decided that the opponent would likely have realised on their own and gave no adjustment or penalty. 

The claim was that the opponent mistakenly thought the opening was 1NT and explained the double as if it was a double of 1NT. Therefore he would have woken up when he saw 1. However there must be some chance that he would not wake up. Maybe in his fantasyland he would think that 1 was insufficient and accept the insufficient bid and bid something. He might for example be willing to play in partner's minor at the two-level but not the three-level and bid 2 pass or correct or something. Even if the director thinks the player is likely to have woken up and no score adjustment is justified what is the problem with penalising the unauthorised information from the comment that was designed to wake partner up?

For me the tolerance of these infractions makes the game less pleasant to play.

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