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Inexpensive, Portable Screens?

Does anyone have a source or plans for how to buy oo build inexpensive screens? We'd like to have 13 for a Regional Pairs session 3 and 4, and perhaps Championship/Flight A GNT finals for District 11.  

I have searched Google on this site and on the open internet to little avail.  There's one very expensive system that looks heavy, bulky, and not something we can move around the District with ease.  his item is sourced out of China.  T

Here on Bridge Winners there are several posts about screens.  Here are the two most relevant IMHO:

Jan Martel posted this:

wherein David Levin referenced this: 

1) What source for premade screens do you recommend?

2) What blueprint and materials lists are available for making screens?

3) Has anyone tried using the screens shown in the "A $10 Screen for Reducing UI When Playing With Real Cards"? If so, what are the plusses and minuses? Does it matter much if the screens work differently than those used by the ACBL at NABCs?

Apologies to those who might have posted solutions elsewhere, but searching has provided little help.  Thanks in advance to all.

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