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In the Well: Sabine Auken

Sabine Auken is renowned as a great bridge champion, ambassador of the game, and author of the popular book I Love This Game. Today, Sabine enters the Well to answer any questions you may have.

Sabine Auken

Sabine is not your typical bridge personality. She grew up in Germany and obtained a degree in Finance and Business Administration. After graduating, she packed her diploma, her passport, and the determination to soon own a credit card and boarded the first available flight to the United States to start trading stock options on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

After 4 1/2 years of life in the fast lane, personal reasons called her to Denmark. She was lucky to survive a bank job interview conducted completely in Danish, having lived in the country for only 3 months (apparently, the language of banking is universal!). Aftera few years marketing interest rate derivatives, she then obtained a fundraising position at a charity organization and then a marketing position at Denmark’s first ethical investment fund. Now, she is retired from the business world but not from work, spending much of her non-bridge time skiing, running (45 min/day), and swimming.

Although she has many accomplishments to her name, her most cherished ones are her sons Jens Christian (18) and Maximilian (14 next month), who aspire to become great basketball players. In the evenings she likes inviting friends over for dinner and cooking a good meal, so her sons can grow faster (there never seem to be any leftovers, no matter how many pounds of beef hit the table!) Last week, both of her sons took home national titles in their respective divisions, making Mom very proud.

Among her bridge triumphs Sabine counts two Venice Cup titles (partnering Daniela von Arnim) and one World Mixed Team title (partnering Zia Mahmood). But nothing can trump her recent Vanderbilt victory. Having come from a strong club canapé system partnering Daniela, she now uses a 1C-covers-all-balanced-hands-outside-the-NT-range approach partnering Roy Welland and is slowly getting used to the fact that 5431 doesn’t always have to be unbalanced.

Sabine will be online checking this article throughout Thursday. If you have a question for her, just write one in the comments area and she'll answer to the best of her ability!

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