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In the Well: Dennis Bilde

Dennis Bilde is a Bridge Wunderkind. At 18, he won the World Junior Team Championship, and followed up with a World Junior Individual championship two years later. At 23, he stunned the bridge world by winning the Vanderbilt Cup on a 4-person team with Morton Bilde (his father), Roy Welland, and Sabine Auken. And now, at 27, as part of Team LAVAZZA partnering Giorgio Duboin, he has won the prestigious ACBL Player of the Year, the award given to the player who wins the most platinum points in a calendar year. Today he enters the Well to answer your questions.

Dennis was born on a farm “in the middle of nowhere” a bit south of Aarhus in Denmark. The "city" he lived in was called Ballebo, and consisted of 5 houses in total. His parents weren’t farmers so it just meant that he had a lot of space to share with his younger brother and sister. Their family also owned sheep, pigs, and chickens, so he never ran out of meat or eggs growing up. His parents also taught bridge to him and his siblings, which probably helped him parlay his natural bridge talent into his extraordinary success today.

Earlier this year, he moved to Oslo in Norway to live with his girlfriend, Charlotte, who is very patient with his constant travelling for bridge. His current dream is to participate in the Bermuda Bowl as a member of Team Denmark -- but it's tough to qualify!

As a kid, his non-bridge hobbies were mostly physical sports: badminton, soccer, skiing, snowboarding. He also found time to learn how to play the drums. He still tries to snowboard as much as possible but the rest of his spare time is focused more on running and working out in his local gym.

Dennis will be in the Well all day (although he is on European time). Feel free to ask him a question about bridge or his life, and he’ll do his best to respond!

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