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Improving gameforcing responses to a strong-1C opening


Presented here is a new and improved scheme for gameforcing (GF) responses to a strong-1 opening.



In traditional Precision Club, 1-1M is a natural GF with 5+major, while 1-1NT is a balanced GF.

The immediate and obvious downside of this natural scheme is that the final game/slam-contract very often gets "wrong-sided", i.e. declared by the weaker hand.

Later approaches to remedy this drawback has been, for example in Carrot-Club, to define 1-1 as GF without 5+major, while 1 shows 5s and 1NT shows 5s (another possibility is: 1-1=5, 1-1=bal, 1-1NT=5, or other variations).

This is an improvement, since it will wrong-side the final contract less often. But after Carrot 1-1, for example, it is not unlikely that the final contract will still turn out to be hearts, particularly since responder may well have 4s. And after 1-1NT, unless opener has spade support, the final contract is often a wrong-sided 3NT.

So can we do better than that?

What if 1-1 could deny 4s? And 1-1 denied 4s?

And 1-1NT... for what hands should we use that response? Preferably, for hands where an NT-contract is less likely, I believe...

Here is a new scheme, built on those basic principles:

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