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If not me . . .

One fairly common complaint about the ACBL (and there are many) is that somehow they hold a "monopoly" on high-level, competitive bridge.

I am going to suggest that the sole reason that they hold such a monopoly is because whatever "the ACBL" is, it is exactly those people that are willing to invest the time, energy and, yes, financial resources into making sure that competitive bridge survives, if no longer thrives, in it jurisdiction.

For anytime any of us are tempted to complain about the ACBL, I suggest that we first consider whether we ourselves are willing to invest . . . pretty much anything at all . . . into creating a better infrastructure.  

For example, it would not appear to be excessively difficult to organize 20-25 top teams and sponsors into a structured competition to compete with the ACBL's NABC formats and from there to attract lesser and far lesser talents to compete and rub elbows with the Gods of the game. One need not start with an entire calendar of events. Just do a one off and see how it goes.

One reason why I am less than critical of performance that I as often as anyone find wanting, is that I don't want anyone to get the idea that I am in any way willing to be a part of the solution. Because, truth be told, I took a turn at "working bridge" and now simply wish to "play bridge."  So, no, I do not wish to run for or serve on Unit Board let alone anything more/higher.

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