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With US junior team trials taking place this weekend, I thought it might be fun to post the following purely hypothetical problem. Any similarities to current or former junior players may be coincidental.

(I have to encourage you to watch the trials on BBO Vugraph. At one featured table the commentary included Kit Woolsey, the corresponding table had Chip Martel. Some very fine plays were made.)

Assume you are recruiting potential juniors for your national training program which has limited resources. At the moment, you only have room for one kid. The following kids apply. Each is sixteen years old and has recently started playing bridge. They are all enthusiastic and excited about learning to play but they are all still beginners. Which one would you choose?

"Darwin". Has the genes. Both parents are grand life masters. Great grandfather was Ely Culbertson.
"Math star". All A's, 800 college boards, participated in the math Olympiad. Memorized pi to 1024 places, but "because the 1025th place is 5 it is easy to remember."
"Bobby Fischer". Finished second in the national junior chess championships at the age of 14.
"Edward Snowden". Quiet kid. Spends ten hours a day playing WOW on the computer. Hacked into the high school and changed the name of the gym teacher from Mr. Larbo to Lardbutt each place it appeared.
"Mr. Everything." Class president, debate team captain, editor of the school paper, all-state symphony cello, four handicap golfer and eagle scout.
"Old for his age." Home schooled. Finished high school curriculum at fourteen. Currently attending top five university and doing very well.

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