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Ideas on Raptor

Why Raptor?

Raptor uses the 1N-overcall to show a 4crd in an unbid major and a 5crd in an unbid minor. As for strength, minimum is a decent 10, maximum would be 16 with more you are worth a power double.

Raptor has several advantages:

  1. You can show a 4crd M even if you don‘t have the shape for double.
  2. It‘s more frequent then the classical strong notrump overcall.
  3. Minor suit overcalls are better defined as they deny a side major.
  4. Having a second place to play reduces the risk.
  5. Preemptive value, though not in all cases.


Follow up on Raptor

Advancers bids in a known suit are to play. Overcaller is not expected to bid.

If a minor is opened advancers 2M is natural and nonforcing, but overcaller will often raise with a fit. 2m asks for overcallers major and is not necessarily strong. Overcaller will always bid 2M, advancer rebids are then natural. With a fit in overcallers minor advancer’s strong bids are 2N (offensive), 3m (defensive) or 3M as invitational pass or correct.

If a major is opened 2 is natural and all other m-bids are pass or correct. 2N is an inv+ raise of overcallers major.Advancer can also pass 1N or bit 3N to play.

If 1N is doubled

If a minor is opened pass with and redouble with , other bids are unchanged.If a major is opened pass asks for the minor, redouble is strong and 2m natural.

If RHO raises

Double is responsive, asking for the unknown suit and 2N is lebensohl.

How to replace the strong notrump overcall

The obvious disadvantage is that you lose your strong notrump overcall. You might want to pass a nondescript 15 but with more you have to double. In order to handle this new double we use 1N to show a maximum of 6/7 points and no 4crd biddable at the one-level. Overcaller can now pass with the classical 1N-overcall and two of a new suit does not promise extras. Now all two-level bids by advancer are 7-10 points and overcaller can bid 2N without a fit.

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