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Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?

Hi all,

Our local Seattle Unit has gone through some evolutions in how we have leveraged the unit game. Some of it was before my time, but I believe we used to have a monthly unit game that rotated as to location/time a bit. From my understanding, it was typically at a time when there was not normally a game scheduled at that club.

Recently, the unit switched the approach slightly to do away with the monthly game due to declinining attendance and have less frequent "special" games. This works at as follows:

1) The unit trifecta, consisting of a Fast Pairs, a Mixed Pairs, and a Barometer Pairs. Performance across all 3 was tracked and whoever did the best in the 3 games was honored in the newsletter at the end of the year.

2) A "Captain's Game", which is a standalone event where teams were constructed from interested participates and expert players acting as captains. We would run a 3 round Swiss where everyone on the team played 1 round with everyone else. This is typically pretty popular and multiple people have referred to this as their favorite thing the unit does.

We have no plans to change the Captain's Game as it is popular, well attended, and seems to serve a valuable role - included it mainly as a cool idea for someone else to copy if desired.

The Trifecta attendance has been down a lot this year. Some of it is likely due to the fact that the dates were announced later and less advertised, but I've also heard a lot of comments that the events are less interesting now that we've run them multiple years in a row. For example, the Barometer Pairs was exciting to many when it first started but this year multiple people commented that they were less excited about the barometer pairs and would like something new. This is especially relevant for the Barometer since preparing the boards for a Barometer takes extra work to prepare all the boards.



1) Are there any other interesting event suggestions we could try to mix things up? It doesn't necessarily need to be 1 session only, although it simplifies things

2) Are there any other "alternative" approaches that people have taken to increase unit game attendance?

3) Are there any methods that have worked well to leverage the unit game to increase attendance at or otherwise help out local clubs?

4) Are there any other special unit organized things that have been popular in your area? For example, we run a round robin that people like. I've also heard of some units having a Battle of the <name of Highway> where the 2 big cities each field a team for a head to head to keep a trophy.


I'll be throwing some ideas for feedback in the comments as well.

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